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Ad Process

There are a number of key stages in our process –


We receive food waste in a range of different types of packaging including cardboard, paper, plastic and metal.  We process through specialist equipment that separates the food wastes from its packaging for recycling to ensure none goes to landfill.


The food waste from the de-packaging process is blended into a ‘Porridge’ and stored in tanks before being transported to the AD plant.


The ‘Porridge’ is fed into sealed digester tanks, heated to 40 degrees celsius, where millions of bacteria break the material down in the absence of oxygen. The key product from this process is methane, a gas that we burn to generate electricity.  This process is sensitive and requires continual monitoring and a controlled environment to make sure the digesters continue to produce a good yield of methane.

Energy production

The methane produced during the process is collected, cleaned and used in our Combined Heat and Power engines to generate electricity and heat.  We currently produce 1.3MW of electricity that is fed directly into the National Grid.


The digestate produced during the process is pasteurised in full accordance with the Animal By-Product Regulations before being transferred to lagoons where it is stored before being spread onto land as a nutrient rich fertiliser.

Our AD & food waste process